We strive to provide timely and efficient, state-of-the-art, printing and mailing services and solutions under a homespun environment which meets the communication needs of our customers's business objectives.

In 1996 Tony Goodwin, inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, established Primary Graphics Corporation to provide the greater Boston market with a fresh resource for their print needs. His goal was simple and straight forward, to create a service that would be uncomplicated, streamlined and stress-free; one that would address the needs of customers in a timely and efficient manner under a friendly, family-oriented environment.

Over the years Primary Graphics has grown and broadened its capabilities to now offer services ranging from digital/variable printing, offset printing (1 color to 6, including envelope printing), to mailing and data management services.

We pride ourselves on being a company that is big enough to tackle the largest challenges but lean enough to react on a moment’s notice. At the heart of the company and the secret to our success are our people. Their craftsmanship and dedication make the difference. All of us at Primary Graphics operate under a family environment that encourages everyone to take ownership and pride in every project.

Our success and growth relies on our ability to continue to provide successful communication solutions to our customers that can meet their business objectives.

At Primary Graphics we work hard to protect and conserve our natural environment with environmentally friendly print solutions.

We print on a variety of recycled papers bearing the certification of either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). We also counsel and advise our clients with regards to recycled papers (pre or post-consumer waste) and encourage the use of products that also carry the Green-E seal (renewable energy employed).

Anything that does not ship to our clients is recycled, from film, chemicals and ink to plates and paper waste. We also employ soy/vegetable based inks in our print production process.

NOTE – Print is very GREEN!

According to a report released by The Print Council, the printing industry is one of the most aggressive, environmentally conscious industries in America. From responsible products used, renewable energy sourced, increased recycling rates to the improved designs and delivery methods, we have and continue to demonstrate our leadership in recycling.

That is why PRINT continues to be a media that is an environmentally sound choice for communicating your messages, services and products.

Primary Graphics is driven to continuing our efforts in fine-tuning our processes and procedures to better manage and utilize our natural resources. We are committed to constant improvement to becoming “greener” still!